God’s Prodigal sons

God’s Prodigal Problem

After mentioning I was a Universalist, someone asked, “If God knew He was going to save everyone, why not skip their painful Earthly existence, and start us all out in heaven?”
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God is the only Source of life, so He could not create beings who could separate from Him and live forever, like unplugged rechargeable flashlights, our life is temporary. And God could not force us to remain connected; so He has to wait for us to choose a relationship with Him.
After the fall it became necessary for each of us to have an opportunity to live life our own way.
So like the Prodigal’s father, God allows each of us to go our own way and attempt to show Him a better way to run a kingdom. The gift of free will would not be a true gift if we were not allowed to use it any way we please.
Lucifer/Satan was God’s original wayward son.
Many people say the Prodigal’s son was not repentant, that he was only hungry; but he had come to the end of himself and his way of life, and decided to go back and place himself under his father’s rule.

October 8, 2018