What would I tell my children?

What would I tell my children about the Old Testament?
When they were young I would tell them the Old Testament stories on a felt board level, but when they were older, I would tell them the truth.
2,000 years after the fall, humans became so evil that God wiped them out in a flood and started over with Noah and his family. 100 years later men began building the Tower of Babel, so God confounded their language and scattered them all over the world.
Satan had the next 800 years to prepare for battle with God. He positioned his princes (like the prince of Persia) as gods over the cities, and had them build powerful armies.
God had promised Abraham the Canaan land, so He freed the Israelites from Egypt and established His own army. To keep His promise to Abraham and establish Himself as the One true God, God had to sustain and protect the Israelites, overcome the resistance of Satan’s armies, protect the bloodline of the promised Messiah, and embarrass the false gods along the way.
God accommodated Israel’s dream of freedom and a land of milk and honey, to teach them that it takes war and bloodshed to concur physical territory and maintain it.
In this accommodating phase God was fulfilling their dreams, because they asked Him to, because He loved them, to get them out of their system, and to teach them/us and that ultimately war is not the answer. A lesson we are apparently still learning.
Note: The Old Testament God never said, “Follow Me.”
In the New Testament Jesus shows up in person, and says, “Ok we tried things your way, now follow me and I will show you the spiritual Way.” Then Jesus invites us into His New Covenant, Kingdom of God; an invisible Kingdom that will be established one heart at a time.

July 5, 2018