GOD’S Method of Operation

Besides my Bible studies I draw from my personal experience.  I’m turning eighty so I have what I call retro-spectral vision.  Reviewing my life it is clear that God was very accommodating for the first stage of my life, and involved in every detail during the accomplishment of my dreams;  because He loves me, and I asked Him to, and also to get them out of my system.

I had a great time chasing my dreams, but each of them were eventually washed away by the tides of time, like sandcastles at the seashore.

When I ran out of dreams, God invited me into His dream for my life; I accepted, and it’s been the greatest adventure of all; I call it the miracle trail.

God knows we all have to try to build a kingdom our way, and fail, several times, before we will be willing to trust, submit, and follow Him, in His Way.

In the Old Testament, and Old covenant God is accommodating, (as their military advisor) teaching by negative example that the human way of establishing and maintaining a kingdom in the material world takes war and bloodshed, and ultimately is not the answer.

Apparently a lesson we have yet to learn.

In the New Testament Jesus arrives, introducing and inviting us into the Kingdom of God and His New and better Covenant.

He says, “Follow me and I will show you the spiritual Way to establish a Kingdom one heart at a time.”

I believe this is God’s M. O. God allowed Satan to come to Earth and establish his kingdom to give him a chance to prove to himself, and everyone else, (by negative example) that his way does not work.

One third of the Angels believed Satan when he said he had a better way.

If God wouldn’t have allowed Satan’s way to be played out, the question would have lingered in angel and human minds for all of eternity.


December 20, 2017