Why in the world would an Omniscient God who knows the future in infinite detail ever use the word “If?”

God does indeed say “If.” My plan was to give you an exhaustive list, (I counted over fifty verses), but then I decided to give you two and let you find the rest.

Jesus said,If you will follow me, take up your cross daily and follow me.”

And God said, If you eat of this tree you shall die.”

Could you love a God who said, “When you eat of this tree (AND YOU WILL), you will die.”                                                     

We have a one motive God who always does the most loving thing for everyone concerned.

So any time we ask ‘why’ about God, the simple answer has always been, and always will be; because it just happens to be the most loving thing He could do for everyone concerned.

If I could look into the future and I saw that next week a friend of mine was going to shoot my dog, I would start treating my friend differently right now, but God is not like me.

God keeps doing the most loving thing no matter what He knows about our future.

A good example of this is the way Jesus knelt down and washed Judas’ feet even though He knew about Judas’ plan to betray him.

I believe it is quite clear that if God said, “When you eat of this tree (AND YOU WILL), you will die,” that would not be the most loving way for a Father to relate to his children.

God uses the word ‘if’ because that is the most loving way to relate to us, and the best way to honor our free will.

God uses the word “if,” because that is the proper word to use while speaking to a free moral agent.

(A cruel master would never use the word “if,” while speaking to one of his slaves) 

By using the word “if,” God acknowledges and validates our very existence, our power of choice, and the reality and importance of the present moment as compared to the past and future.

Even though God does know the future He relates to us in the present moment as if he did not. He is not playing dumb, he is simply loving us in the best possible way.

He knows what we will do, but he fully acknowledges that the choice is ours, and he never holds us responsible for a choice until we have actually made it.

Have you ever met a person who jumps in and finishes your sentences before you can. I don’t know about you but I find that quite irritating. How would you like a God who related to you in that manner?

When God does speak about the future it is not to be rude or to show off, it is so that when we see it happen it will increase our faith.  

The future is completely open, because by definition the future does not exist, – – –  it has not happened yet.

I believe God is everywhere, so that must mean He has also been in us, sharing every thought feeling, and heart beat, so He knows us infinitely well, He could be you much better than you can, so knowing what you will do and say in each new situation is easy for God; but His knowledge does not take away our choice.

We are co-writers of His- Story; and our part of history will not be written until we write it with our lives. 

September 14, 2017