Imagine with me that I have been interviewing God, asking Him about Creation, and about how He relates to His Creation; and that these are my notes, from our conversation.
Generally, It is all Him, there is only One Spirit; and we’re like waves that rise up, take different forms, and then fall back into the Ocean.
Think about all of History, as His-Story.
Much like a human author writing a novel, first, with the ending in mind, the author sketches out a story line, then he creates characters, and fills them out in great detail, then he places his characters in different settings, and circumstances, and then the characters seem to take it from there, as if they know what to do. In this sense the characters co-author the story.
God’s Spirit is in all of His creation, so He has shared every breath, every heartbeat, every thought and every feeling with each of His characters, characters He calls His children.
However, His-Story is not just a book, or a movie, or a play; it’s much more real and complex than that; His characters are alive, and have free will.
God knows and loves each child so infinitely well that He could live any one of their lives much better than they can, so knowing what they will say and do is child’s play for Him.
God Loves every one of His children as if they were His only child, and relates to each of them in a unique way, depending on their level of maturity, the time period they live in, and the circumstances of their life.
The Bible says, before building a tower, or waging a war, to, “count the cost,” so I believe He took His own advice, and thought it all through, before saying, “Let there be Light.”
Before this moment it had all been only in God’s mind, much like what we might call a day dream, but now God had pushed the key domino, and everything became very real.
God doesn’t just sit back and watch. He’s infinitely involved in everything that happens in His Universe; and He is able to communicate with His children by His Spirit to our spirit.
However, so far, only a few have learned to still their mind, and listen close enough to hear Him.
Don’t think too much about God knowing what you will do and say, or you may find yourself sitting in a room with a bunch of philosophers and theologians, smoking a pipe, stroking your beard, and scratching your head.
Your life will generally go more smoothly if you place your confidence in Him, and live life like a small child, – – – moment by moment, enjoying the big adventure.
Never forget how real it is, but to understand how God relates to people in the Bible, it helps to think of God as the Author of a book, communicating somehow with his characters, as the story unfolds.
The Author has all Authority, and God assumes full responsibility, no matter how many middlemen may be involved, for each and every thing that happens in His Universe.
He doesn’t blame anyone else for any of it; and to make His point He seems to encourage Bible writers to say God commanded it, God caused it, or God did it.
After all God is ultimately responsible, – – – without creation there would have been no pain and suffering, and also, no characters, and no story.
God knows the future in infinite detail, so He can easily predict the future; however, He seems to always manage to find a way to fulfill prophecy in some mysterious unsuspected way so we don’t ever realize it until after it has happened. This way He can increase our faith without spoiling the suspense.
God seldom speaks as if He knows the future, most of the time He communicates to us as if He’s living with us in the moment. He often uses the word ‘if,’ because that’s the most loving way to speak to a free agents living in time.
Would you worship a God who said, “If you eat of this tree, (AND YOU WILL) you will die!”?
God may sound like He’s pretending not to know the future, but He’s only being polite. To the spiritual child God says, “If you do that your punishment will be.” To the more mature, “If you do this the consequences will be.” Or, “If you would have done that, this would have happened.” He also appears to change His mind, when we change ours.
God tests, teaches, disciplines, and reprimands, – – – most often He speaks to us through our circumstances. His ultimate purpose has always been to love us well, and in the process, make us more Christ like.

I believe this life is only the first chapter of a never ending story; and that our job is to simply play our part, and trust God The Author, for the happy ending.




May 12, 2017