God is on trial for multiple mass murders, and Genocide.

Prosecution’s First witness; Job.

Job says God killed all of his children, and his livestock.

Defense’s First witness; Satan.

Who killed Job’s children and animals?

Satan says, I did.

Prosecution cross examines:

Why would you do that?

Satan answers, God gave me permission.

Prosecution asks God, is that true?

God says, Yes.

Does Exodus 21:29 say, “if a man’s ox has a habit of getting lose and killing people, and the man fails to keep him in, and it happens again, the ox must be killed and the man stoned?

God says, Yes.

Where did Satan come from?

God says, I created him.

Has Satan killed previously?

God answers, Yes.

And not only did you not restrain Satan, you gave him permission?

God says, Yes.

Prosecution calls King Saul.

Did God’s Prophet Samuel order you to kill the Amalekites; men, women, infants, and animals?

Saul says, Yes, that is correct.

Did you? Yes, all of them, except King Agag, and the best of the animals.

What did Samuel have to say about that?

He said, “Because I didn’t follow God’s commands exactly, God rejected me from being King.’

Prosecution asks God, is all of this true?

God answers, Yes.

Defense calls Peter, one of Jesus’ main disciple’s, as a character witness.

Do you know God?

In a way, I do. I spent three years in ministry with His Son, His name is Jesus, He’s also called The Prince of Peace, the kindest most loving person you could ever meet. Jesus never lied, and He would never harm a fly, and Jesus said, “If you have seen Me you’ve seen My Father.”

So your point is?

Jesus’ Father is a God of Love, He couldn’t possibly be guilty of any of these accusations, because Jesus said He’s the perfect Image of His Father.

Prosecution cross examines Peter; It sounds like you’re inferring that this Man could not be Jesus’ Father?

Peter answers, Yes, there is absolutely no way this could be the True God.

Prosecution calls God back to the witness stand.

And asks God; Peter says, you can’t possibly be Jesus’ real Father, because Jesus’ Father is Good and would never do evil; but you keep admitting to all of the charges. Do you do evil or not?

God says; It is true that Jesus and I are One in spirit, it is also true that it is written; “I form the light, and create darkness; I make peace, and create evil.” In the sense – – –

Never mind, that’s enough, I rest my case.

Defense has no more witnesses.

Jury comes in with the verdict:

The jury says; “Our decision is unanimous; CRUCIFY HIM!”

Defense says; “The Defense calls for a re-trial.”



May 10, 2017