We know how the story ends; every knee bows, and every tongue confesses Jesus Christ is Lord; and Wisdom has been justified by all of her children. (Phil. 2:10-11 &. Luke 7:35)

So with this knowledge, let’s review a couple of major historical¬†events, through two pairs of glasses; our ‘Good and evil glasses,’ and our ‘3-D Glasses of Wisdom.’

By banning us from the Tree of Life, God pronounced a death sentence on the entire human race.

Through our ‘good and evil glasses,’ God’s actions appear to be an extreme overreaction, and a horrible punishment, – – – for eating fruit.

However, with our ‘3-D wisdom glasses,’ we can see it was the most loving thing for God to do.

Now the Cross; what kind of Father would toss His only Beloved Son to an angry pack of humans, and watch them tear Him apart?

With one pair of glasses, the most evil and ugly event of all of time; but with our wisdom glasses we see God’s beautiful plan of redemption.

Note: Satan gave us our ‘good and evil glasses’ when we ate from the wrong tree.

So now you decide; which glasses will you wear, reading Scripture?



May 2, 2017