Defining key words


If only theologians could agree on the definition of these key words.



  1. God’s Agape Love: GOD’S UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. We will be studying this for all of eternity – – –


  1. Reality: The way The Creator God perceives things, and relates to them.


  1. Sin: Purposely acting (singing) out of harmony with God; The Master Tuning Fork.


  1. Self: Your true self is who God created you to be. Your self image is something you have patched together on your own, by attaching labels to your ‘I am.’


  1. Condemnation: After eating the fruit, Adam and Eve felt guilt and condemnation, and they projected their feelings of condemnation onto God, but I have never condemned my children, and God doesn’t condemn anyone.


  1. Judgment: God’s Judgment, is restorative, not retributive.


  1. Justice: God’s Justice isn’t blind, and He doesn’t punish people to get even.


God’s Justice is always doing the most loving thing for everyone, for all of eternity.



  1. Forgiveness:  Love and Forgiveness are Siamese twins that can not be separated. When you reach a point where you can no longer forgive, you have reached the limits of your love. There is no need to forgive a person you have not condemned.


  1. Perfect: For us; growing and learning while walking hand in hand with Jesus. A journey, not a destination.


For God; Holy Righteous Love.


  1. Wrath: I divide God’s wrath into two categories; lower case wrath, when God removes His protection, and upper case Wrath when God is more directly involved.


God is very slow to anger, and when He does become angry God doesn’t lose His temper, it’s just that things have gone far enough, and it is time for a change.


Jesus cleansing the temple is a very very mild version of God’s upper case direct action Wrath.


  1. Vengeance: Judgments, Discipline, Pruning; God making difficult decisions.


“Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.” (Romans 12:19)


Everything done by God or commanded by God in the Old Testament, was done from a motive of Love, under God’s Authority, the Righteous Judge of the Universe.


Call it vengeance or hard love if you like, but no matter how severe His actions appear to you, – – – you are not qualified to call it violence.


  1. Violence:  Violence has more to do with attitude than action. Violence proceeds out of the hearts of angry, selfish, greedy, impatient, unimaginative, power hungry beings.


The use of force may be either destructive, or restorative, depending upon the intentions of the person applying the force; if it is done by a qualified person with proper authority, from a motive of love, it does not equal violence.


For example; Parental discipline, Dentistry, Surgery, Arrest, Sentencing by Judge and Jury, and God’s Wrath.


  1. Death: Jesus calls it ‘sleep.’


  1. Hell: Separation from God, the Source of life. Turn your back on God and proceed into darkness to experience Hell on Earth.  Ultimately Hell is a word for the illusion of separation from God.


Death and hell will eventually be cast into the lake of fire. (Rev. 20:14) When there is no longer any death or separation, these two words will have become obsolete.


The lake of fire purifies by burning away the dross.


  1. Faith: Trusting God. Not what He will or will not do, but for who He is, and for His Everlasting Love.



May 2, 2017