In the four gospels we only get a few brief glimpses of The Lion of Judah, because He remains hidden in the heart of Jesus the Nazarene.

On the other hand, in the Old Testament, and in the Book of Revelation, it’s the other way around, the Captain of the LORD’S Host takes center stage, with The Lamb of God hidden in His heart.

My point is simple, but apparently quite difficult to comprehend; – – – Jesus of Nazareth and The Captain of The LORD’S Host are the exact same Person, with different job descriptions.

I would like to share two short stories to flesh this out:

Imagine you are the owner of a large corporation, and the popular television show called “Undercover Boss,’ has invited you to star on their show.

You just show up one day and apply for a job as a janitor in your own company.

The premise of the show is that you go ‘undercover,’ to get acquainted with some of your employees on a personal level, so you can decide who might deserve a promotion.

As today’s show begins you’re in a friendly conversation with a fellow janitor named George. At one point George asks, “Who are we working for anyway, have you ever seen the big boss?” “As a matter of fact I have,” you answer.  “Wow, what’s he like?”

This episode is nearing it’s end so you drop a not so subtle hint; “If you have seen me George, you have seen the owner of this corporation.”

Now zoom out and pretend we’re watching the show on my TV, we are in on the plot, and know that in one sense you have told George the truth, but then I say; “Actually in another sense George has been fooled, how did he react when you told him you were actually the owner of the company?”

“At first when George saw the cameraman he was a bit taken back, he didn’t really know what to think, he may have even felt betrayed, but after he was taken to the top floor, and saw me sitting behind my big mahogany desk, offering him a promotion, he cried and gave me a  hug, and we have been close friends ever since.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

My second story is shorter:

Now you are a successful lawyer, and a few years ago you were promoted to judge, so you spend your days making life and death judgments about other peoples lives, (note; it’s Ok to judge people when you have the authority, as long as you don’t go outside of your jurisdiction), but at the end of the day you set down your gavel, remove your robe, and drive home to your family.

Right now you are playing tea party with your six year old daughter Judy.  Judy is trying to teach you tea party etiquette, she says, “No daddy, you’re supposed to leave your little finger out, like this.”

Then she asks, “What do you do all day at work, daddy?” After you tell her about your robe and gavel, and your books of rules, Judy laughs and says, “That sounds like a very silly game to me.”

– – – – – – – – – – – –

Same concept; you are only one person, with the same character, with two different job descriptions. In one sense Judy knows the Judge, but she has never been to court, so in another sense, not completely.

During the incarnation Jesus of Nazareth showed us ‘The Way’ to live a sinless life as a man; as a servant leader completely submitted to His Heavenly Father, but he did not show us how to be God, and run the universe; that’s a completely different job description.

Read Ephesians 6:10-18, about the full armor of God, and visualize what you might look like all suited up.  You certainly do not look like you are going to a tea party.  Notice that two items are offensive; the Sword of Truth, and Prayer.

Now read about The Captain of The LORD’S Host in Joshua 5:13-15, and see if you notice any similarities.  Yes, He does have a sword in his hand, (the Sword of Truth) and he accepts worship, but he refuses to take sides.

Now go to Revelation 19:11-16, Here comes Jesus, riding on a white horse, followed by his army, (the heavenly host). Yes, He has a sharp sword, but it’s coming out of his mouth, so obviously it’s The Sword of Truth, and there is blood on his robe, but this is before the battle, so it must be his own blood.

Next visit Matthew 4:1-11, Jesus goes one on one with Satan, and He defeats him using The Sword of Truth, which is the Word of God; “IT IS WRITTEN!”

And again in Matthew 21:12-17, Jesus is cleansing the Temple, using the Sword of Truth; “IT IS WRITTEN, My house shall be called a house of prayer, but you made it a den of robbers.”

Jesus of Nazareth may appear to be lamb like, but within His chest beats the mighty heart of The Lion of Judah,

Satan and his demons stalked Jesus every step of the way, but Jesus was never caught without his full suit of armor, including prayer, and His (metaphorical) Sword of Truth.


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