To live His life as a man Jesus gave away everything He could possibly give, his crown, his throne, even his memory, (“Jesus increased in wisdom and stature”), right down to his very last drop of blood, – – – but two things were impossible for him to give up.

His Deity, because that’s Who He is, – – – and His Authority.

Authority can be delegated, but it can’t be given away, especially if you’re The Creator of the Universe.

While Jesus was walking around Jerusalem looking like a homeless beggar, (as The Original Under Cover Boss) his army of holy angels recognized Him as their Captain of the LORD’S Host, and so did the demons.

Imagine with me for a moment; meeting Superman, he looks at you with a big silly grin, and says, “Follow me,” then he blasts off into outer space; – – – obviously a sick joke.


Here’s my point; when Jesus says, “FOLLOW ME,” he’s not just joking around, so that means, ‘IT IS POSSIBLE.’

This must also mean that Jesus was able to live a perfect life, and do all of those miracles, ‘as a Man,’ without using any special powers unavailable to us.

I’m fully convinced that everything Jesus did, was done by his Father’s power, through the ministration of angels. In other words, all of the tools Jesus used are available to us, – – – a Spiritual Connection with The Father, Love, Faith, Prayer, and The Sword of Truth.

Satan tried to get Jesus to misuse His authority by tempting him to ‘command’ the stones to become bread, he knew that’s all it would have taken for him to win the battle.

Jesus spoke with His Authority when he forgave sins, when he cleansed the temple, and when He said, “You have heard it said, – – – but now I say.”

Fully realizing that you, and I, can actually follow in Jesus’ footsteps, eliminates every possible excuse.



May 31, 2015

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