Several years ago I read a book titled, “The God Who Risks,” by John Sanders; great book John, but in my not too humble opinion, you only got it half right.

Imagine metaphorically with me that This Great Cosmic Controversy is a high stakes poker game, I know, sounds a bit like blasphemy, but please bear with me.

Does God risk? Well, They ‘BET IT ALL,’ in other words, GOD’S ‘ALL IN!’

So in one sense The Trinity literally bet EVERYTHING on The Plan of Redemption, if Jesus would have failed his rescue mission, Satan would have won, and given enough time, would have most likely found a way to destroy the Entire Universe!

Sounds like the Ultimate Risk to me.

However, on the other hand, GOD must have most certainly known He held the winning hand, so in that sense, there was Absolutely no Risk at all.



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May 31, 2015

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