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Do the most loving thing for everyone concerned, - - - not excluding your-self.

The Bible does not say we are to become unselfish and other centered, it says we are to become selfless and God centered.

The only safe place to hide in the time of trouble - - - in the center of God’s will.

Two words that can not be separated, Love and Forgiveness.

God has a train, and Satan has a train, both trains have a pre-destination.  All-aboard!

Are you still only studying about Jesus, or are you hanging out with Him?

If your concept of God does not cause you to shut your mouth, fall on your face, and worship Him, then your concept of God is a false concept.

Love with strings attached is not true love, love with strings attached is business.

The most important thing I have ever done, was to cultivate a friendship with my Heavenly Father. The second most important thing I have done, was to make friends with myself.

When the LORD says, “Come now, and let us reason together,” He really means it. (Isaiah 1:18)

The moment you open the door and let Jesus into your heart, you have enrolled in loving school.

Three inseparable pairs: Love and Forgiveness, Mercy and Justice, Sin and Death.

The EGO needs enemies and conflict to maintain its illusion of independence.

Earth is a prison planet, all of the bad guys in the universe live here.

Earth is a planet of insane children playing with nuclear weapons.

A person who lacks integrity is nothing more than an empty translucent shell once you have seen through their facade.

The most futile thing you can do, is to try to get God to love you more.

Some things are worth breaking your heart for.

God did not create marriage or bones or hearts to be broken.

A Godly marriage is very competitive. Each one trying to out give the other.

They threw everything they had at Him, but they couldn’t even make him frown.


Life is an open-book test, - - - so open the Book.

Only love can bridge the gap between souls. Without love you are truly alone.

A love story so inconceivable that it has to be true.

I have no stones to throw. I dropped my rock when Jesus wrote in the sand.

Yielding to Jesus will break every kind of slavery in any persons life.

Miracles Happen.

If you have chosen to live in a sewer, and your innocent children were bitten by rats, don’t blame God?

There is a Greenwich Mean Time of the Universe. Matthew 24:36.

Creation cost Him nothing, redemption cost him everything.

Never run from your fears. Hunt them down and kill them.

If every one believes a lie, - - - it is still a lie.

It’s all a miracle when you look close enough.

All grass is greener when there are no fences.

Answers are meaningless without questions.

The Pilot’s creed: “Rise above it.”

Small change is often found under seat cushions.

Priorities come first.

Nothing is sacred or secular, it’s all real.

Maximum Efficiency without Trying.

He is a much bigger God than we would really like Him to be.

Never let economy or practicality keep you from your hearts desire.

If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, is there a sound? The answer is, “Who Cares?”

God is everywhere, but you can box Him out of your heart and mind.

God made you an individual, so start living like one. Your birth certificate =’s a license to live.

God’s greatest gift is your own uniqueness, for what God would dare ask for any more or any less than the person He created you to be?

Like the 72, he only sends you where he has gone before.

This is a very dangerous planet, no one would ever come here on a vacation.

Life is not always a jog on the beach - - - But it’s absolutely true.

Your most basic package is your ‘I am.’

What is- - - IS - - - deal with it.

If God did not love his enemies and was willing to solve the problem by the use of force it would have all been over in a micro-second.

Actors have both hands on the steering wheel of life, - - - Reactors are pin-balling their way through life.

Thinking and perceiving three dimensionally.

The fear of leaving the Known.

A well formed question held in your mind is like a magnet that will eventually attract the answer.

There is something worse than losing, it’s remaining a spectator. Life happens in the arena.

There is something worse than being dead and buried. It’s being alive and buried.

Something worth living and dying for. Liberty and Justice for all.

Does a snowball stand a chance in Hell?  With God all things are possible.

Prayer is the battle.

Joy is not the absence of suffering, but the presence of God.

All man made systems are based on zero’s and imaginary points.

Things are ideas.

Freedom in obedience.

For a sure thing wager this: “Every knee shall bow, every tongue shall confess.” Rom 14:11

Resurrection Faith.

Only a fool says no to God.

It’s all on the job training.

Humility is an I.Q. test.

The bottom, bottom line. His will, or mine?

Love can not contain itself.

A smooth stone has had a rough past.