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Aug 27th,09    "ALL POWER!!!?"                                                 (What would you do if you were given, 'all power?')

Aug 25th,09    "SELF CONDEMNATION?"                                (What if you were the only person in the world?)

Aug 11th,09     "If then, or As and also?"                                       (Is God's forgiveness conditional?)

Aug 02,09      "GOING FERAL?"                                                   (How fragile is our 'civilization?')

July 24th,09  "FOR MINE OWN SAKE"                                      (He does not hold our sins against us)

July 22nd,09  "Responsibilities?"                                                   (Is God ultimately responsible?)

July 21st,09   "UN-FORGIVENESS?" part 2                                (Can Love exist without 'giveness'?)

July 19th,09   "UN-FORGIVENESS?"                                           (Is un-forgiveness a failure to love?)

May 13th,09  How do I stop sinning?                                      (Perfection?)

April 14th,09   Is Perfection only a Reflection?                         (Will we ever have any light of our own?)

April 7th,09     Is Judgment Day Jesus’ re-trial?                              ( Does Jesus deserve a re-trial?)

Mch 31st,09   A Strange New Way to Read the Bible?               (Like a puzzle?)

Mch 13th,09 "A Painful Peek into the Heart of God"                 (Who will wipe away His tears?)

Mch 10th,09 "BLIND JUSTICE?"                                        (Is Justice God's enemy?)

Feb 17th,09  "THE GREATEST NEWS EVER"                             (Bet you can't top this?)

Feb 14th,09  "Which disciple was the greatest?"                             (Are you smarter than the average disciple?)

Feb 7th,09    "Storm Tracking with Jesus?"                                     (Perfect peace in the time of trouble?)

Jan 27th,09    "The Law nailed to the Cross?"                                   (Which Law was nailed to the Cross?)                                                                  

Jan 18th,09    "Other Centeredness?"                                      (The antidote for selfishness - - - is not to become unselfish and other centered)                                                          

Jan 8th,09      "BELIEVE?"                                                                 (How in the world can believing something save anyone?)

Sept 21st,08    "SEE AND BELIEVE"                                                (Look and live, - - - is that really all there is to it?)              

Dec 22nd,08   "THE POWER IS IN THE BLOOD"                          (How can there be power in blood?                                                        

Dec 5th, 08    "GRACE SPREADERS?"                                             (Paul confounds me;  "Rejoice, when we are partakers of Christ’s sufferings.")                                                   

Nov 25th,08  "What I've learned from VIDEO GAMES"                   (Is God the Master Programmer?)                                                                                              

Nov 22nd,08  "An unloving lord?"                                                         (Why can't God just forgive us?    

Nov 5th, 08   "PERFECT PEACE"                                                        (Jesus' going away present)               

Feb 16th,08  "FORGIVENESS?"                                                          (Are Love and forgiveness inseparable?)


                                                              God's Sovereignty and Man's Freewill (6)

                                                              Bible Study  (8)

                                                              Sin  (7)

                                                              Miracles (2)

                                                              Humility  (3)

                                                              Pain and Suffering  (4)

                                                              Encouragement  (9)

                                                              Evolution? (2)

                                                              Prayer (9)

                                                              Faith  (3)

                                                              The Cross  (2)

                                                              The Law  (7)

                                                              Sharing the Gospel  (2)

                                                              Salvation  (23)

                                                              Growing in Christ  (43)

                                                              Prophecy  (2)

                                                              The Nature of Christ  (3)

                                                              God's Character  (20)

                                                              Philosophical/Biblical (52)

                                                              Miscellaneous  (24)



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