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God knows that it is in our nature to categorize things, so He gave us things like the Platypus and the Red Square Nebula, and said, "You like to categorize do you?  O.k. - - - categorize this." 

Besides showing us that God has a very vivid imagination, I believe this also indicates that our God has a great sense of humor.



The platypus is the only animal in the world to have a bill, webbed feet, fur and lays eggs. Mammals that lay eggs are called monotremes. Platypus like to live in the deep water of creeks, so they can't be seen.
They don't like to have their eyes open underwater. (they use electronic sensors in their bills to find food) The platypus has a number of unique body parts. They have a spur which is full of poison on it's hind leg. The strange platypus has a bill like a duck, lays eggs like a snake, has webbed feet like a duck, and lives in a burrow like a rabbit. The bizarre appearance of this egg-laying, venomous, duck-billed, beaver-tailed, otter-footed mammal baffled European naturalists when they first encountered it, with some considering it an elaborate fraud.


MWC 922: The Red Square Nebula. What could cause a nebula to appear square? No one is quite sure. The hot star system known as MWC922, however, appears to be imbedded in a nebula with just such a shape. The above image combines infrared exposures from the Hale Telescope on Mt. Palomar in California, and the Keck-2 Telescope on Mauna Kea in Hawaii. A leading progenitor hypothesis for the square nebula is that the central star or stars somehow expelled cones of gas during a late developmental stage. For MWC922, these cones happen to incorporate nearly right angles and be visible from the sides. Supporting evidence for the cone hypothesis includes radial spokes in the image that might run along the cone walls. Researchers speculate that the cones viewed from another angle would appear similar to the gigantic rings of supernova 1986A, possibly indicating that a star in MWC 922 might one day itself explode in a similar supernova.

Note: Some see an X, and some see a cross.


P.s. And apparently some see a hyper-cube:  When I sent this insight to my friend Cary, he said,   "Dude! That's not a square. It's a hyper-cube."   He included this link;

My response: Thanks Cary, I checked out the link.  You're correct, it is a hyper-cube, - - - - I should have known a simple square would have been way too boring for God.