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My latest study:     "GOD'S MIRACLES?"                                                                                                        


                            "WHO KILLED JESUS?" 



"CONDEMNED?" (a summary)                (For those of you who are ADD,  or just very busy.)

Part #1          "CONDEMNED?"                (What if God never condemned us in the first place?)

Part #2             "THE FALL"                       (How far reaching are the consequences of Adam's sin?)

Part #3            "THE LAW"                         (Is God Himself The Law?) 

                                                                                 (The 'ONE' that was nailed to the cross?)

Part #4             "THE DOOMED"               (Born under The Law, and born under The Curse)

                                                                                 ( What does this mean?)

Part #5             "THE HERO"                      (Did Jesus have an advantage?) 

                                                                                 (If so what was it?)

Part #6            "THE HEART"                     (Could A Heart like that ever hold a single a drop of condemnation?)

Part #7            "THE NATURE"                   (Fallen human nature, sinful nature, corrupt flesh)

                                                                                (What do these terms mean? )

Part #8            "THE JUDGE"                      (Is God somehow above His own rules?)

Part #9a          "THE JUDGMENT"             (The Jurisdiction factor in the 'judge not' verses)                       

Part #9b          "THE JUDGMENT"             (Righteous Judgment, The Process)

Part #10          "THE LAKE OF FIRE!"       (A symbolic story of our common destiny)           

"AN EXCUSE FOR SIN?"                            (Some thoughts related to this study)