God’s Prodigal sons

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God’s Prodigal Problem

After mentioning I was a Universalist, someone asked, “If God knew He was going to save everyone, why not skip their painful Earthly existence, and start us all out in heaven?”
– – – – – – – – – – – –
God is the only Source of life, so He could not create beings who could separate from Him and live forever, like unplugged rechargeable flashlights, our life is temporary. And God could not force us to remain connected; so He has to wait for us to choose a relationship with Him.
After the fall it became necessary for each of us to have an opportunity to live life our own way.
So like the Prodigal’s father, God allows each of us to go our own way and attempt to show Him a better way to run a kingdom. The gift of free will would not be a true gift if we were not allowed to use it any way we please.
Lucifer/Satan was God’s original wayward son.
Many people say the Prodigal’s son was not repentant, that he was only hungry; but he had come to the end of himself and his way of life, and decided to go back and place himself under his father’s rule.

October 8, 2018

The Word Sin Refined

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The Word Sin Refined
Sin is doing anything God would not do if He were you, and or failing to do what God would do if He was you.
God always does the most wise and loving thing for everyone concerned for all of eternity.
Thinking of Adam as the entire human race, and each individual as a cell in Adam’s body (actually Christ’s body) a cell doing anything counterproductive to the body’s overall health and growth.
The only way for each of Adam’s cells to know and do the wisest and most loving thing is by obeying Christ the Head, via Adam’s nervous system, The Holy Spirit.
Therefore a sinful individual is like a cancerous cell living for its self and it’s immediate family, which from God’s perspective is stupid and shortsighted – – – ‘sinful.’
Jesus called this, “persecuting Him, and kicking against the pricks.”
And he (Saul/Paul on Damascus Road) said, “Who art thou Lord?” And the Lord said, “I am Jesus whom thou persecutest; it is hard for thee to kick against the pricks.” (Acts 9:5)
– – – – – – – – – – – –

“Male and female created he them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day they were created.” (Genesis 5:2)

God called His creation, “Very Good.” (Genesis 3:1)

Evil is a verb not a noun, not a thing in and of itself that can be created, but an aberration, a distortion of the “Very Good.”

October 1, 2018

What would I tell my children?

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What would I tell my children about the Old Testament?
When they were young I would tell them the Old Testament stories on a felt board level, but when they were older, I would tell them the truth.
2,000 years after the fall, humans became so evil that God wiped them out in a flood and started over with Noah and his family. 100 years later men began building the Tower of Babel, so God confounded their language and scattered them all over the world.
Satan had the next 800 years to prepare for battle with God. He positioned his princes (like the prince of Persia) as gods over the cities, and had them build powerful armies.
God had promised Abraham the Canaan land, so He freed the Israelites from Egypt and established His own army. To keep His promise to Abraham and establish Himself as the One true God, God had to sustain and protect the Israelites, overcome the resistance of Satan’s armies, protect the bloodline of the promised Messiah, and embarrass the false gods along the way.
God accommodated Israel’s dream of freedom and a land of milk and honey, to teach them that it takes war and bloodshed to concur physical territory and maintain it.
In this accommodating phase God was fulfilling their dreams, because they asked Him to, because He loved them, to get them out of their system, and to teach them/us and that ultimately war is not the answer. A lesson we are apparently still learning.
Note: The Old Testament God never said, “Follow Me.”
In the New Testament Jesus shows up in person, and says, “Ok we tried things your way, now follow me and I will show you the spiritual Way.” Then Jesus invites us into His New Covenant, Kingdom of God; an invisible Kingdom that will be established one heart at a time.

July 5, 2018


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GOD’S Method of Operation

Besides my Bible studies I draw from my personal experience.  I’m turning eighty so I have what I call retro-spectral vision.  Reviewing my life it is clear that God was very accommodating for the first stage of my life, and involved in every detail during the accomplishment of my dreams;  because He loves me, and I asked Him to, and also to get them out of my system.

I had a great time chasing my dreams, but each of them were eventually washed away by the tides of time, like sandcastles at the seashore.

When I ran out of dreams, God invited me into His dream for my life; I accepted, and it’s been the greatest adventure of all; I call it the miracle trail.

God knows we all have to try to build a kingdom our way, and fail, several times, before we will be willing to trust, submit, and follow Him, in His Way.

In the Old Testament, and Old covenant God is accommodating, (as their military advisor) teaching by negative example that the human way of establishing and maintaining a kingdom in the material world takes war and bloodshed, and ultimately is not the answer.

Apparently a lesson we have yet to learn.

In the New Testament Jesus arrives, introducing and inviting us into the Kingdom of God and His New and better Covenant.

He says, “Follow me and I will show you the spiritual Way to establish a Kingdom one heart at a time.”

I believe this is God’s M. O. God allowed Satan to come to Earth and establish his kingdom to give him a chance to prove to himself, and everyone else, (by negative example) that his way does not work.

One third of the Angels believed Satan when he said he had a better way.

If God wouldn’t have allowed Satan’s way to be played out, the question would have lingered in angel and human minds for all of eternity.


December 20, 2017


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Why in the world would an Omniscient God who knows the future in infinite detail ever use the word “If?”

God does indeed say “If.” My plan was to give you an exhaustive list, (I counted over fifty verses), but then I decided to give you two and let you find the rest.

Jesus said,If you will follow me, take up your cross daily and follow me.”

And God said, If you eat of this tree you shall die.”

Could you love a God who said, “When you eat of this tree (AND YOU WILL), you will die.”                                                     

We have a one motive God who always does the most loving thing for everyone concerned.

So any time we ask ‘why’ about God, the simple answer has always been, and always will be; because it just happens to be the most loving thing He could do for everyone concerned.

If I could look into the future and I saw that next week a friend of mine was going to shoot my dog, I would start treating my friend differently right now, but God is not like me.

God keeps doing the most loving thing no matter what He knows about our future.

A good example of this is the way Jesus knelt down and washed Judas’ feet even though He knew about Judas’ plan to betray him.

I believe it is quite clear that if God said, “When you eat of this tree (AND YOU WILL), you will die,” that would not be the most loving way for a Father to relate to his children.

God uses the word ‘if’ because that is the most loving way to relate to us, and the best way to honor our free will.

God uses the word “if,” because that is the proper word to use while speaking to a free moral agent.

(A cruel master would never use the word “if,” while speaking to one of his slaves) 

By using the word “if,” God acknowledges and validates our very existence, our power of choice, and the reality and importance of the present moment as compared to the past and future.

Even though God does know the future He relates to us in the present moment as if he did not. He is not playing dumb, he is simply loving us in the best possible way.

He knows what we will do, but he fully acknowledges that the choice is ours, and he never holds us responsible for a choice until we have actually made it.

Have you ever met a person who jumps in and finishes your sentences before you can. I don’t know about you but I find that quite irritating. How would you like a God who related to you in that manner?

When God does speak about the future it is not to be rude or to show off, it is so that when we see it happen it will increase our faith.  

The future is completely open, because by definition the future does not exist, – – –  it has not happened yet.

I believe God is everywhere, so that must mean He has also been in us, sharing every thought feeling, and heart beat, so He knows us infinitely well, He could be you much better than you can, so knowing what you will do and say in each new situation is easy for God; but His knowledge does not take away our choice.

We are co-writers of His- Story; and our part of history will not be written until we write it with our lives. 

September 14, 2017

The Old Testament God

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For a quick study, watch the new Wonder Woman movie; humans fighting the war on the physical level, and Wonder Woman fighting with Aries, the god of war, on the spiritual level.

Then read Daniel Chapter 10, about the Prince of Persia.

It’s almost impossible to theologize clearly when you’re standing in the middle of a battlefield full of bodies, including women, and children.

So please let me share what I see from a high altitude ‘overview.’

Satan rebelled; God choose to allow Satan to tempt Adam and Eve; they failed their test, so God  bans humans from the garden and the Tree of Life.

Cain kills Abel; God allows Cain to live; East of Eden.  Things go really bad.  The Nephilim, and all that, so God sends a flood.

Men decide to build the Tower of Babel.  God confuses their languages, and they scatter throughout the land.

Satan re-establishes his kingdom, placing his evil associates in positions of authority over his nations.

The Prince of Persia, in Persia, and other false gods over the other nations; with all of them building mighty armies in anticipation of God’s next response.

God decides to build His own army, beginning with Abraham, promising him many decedents, and the Canaan land.

After a forty year delay in Egyptian slavery, God sends Moses to free the Israelites, and continues with the plan to build His mighty army, out of the weakest of the weak.

God intends to keep His promise to Abraham, and along the way defeat the false gods.

And then, eventually find a way to show His people His true character.

I see the Old Testament as one big exorcism, God tearing down idols, and eliminating false gods, one by one.

Many Bible scholars are convinced some of these so-called divine beings could indeed do amazing acts because they were demons, or fallen angels, disguising themselves as gods.

When Moses confronted Pharaoh, the Egyptian magicians were able to duplicate some of his miracles, such as turning their staffs into snakes and turning the Nile River into blood.

“They sacrificed unto devils, not to God; to gods whom they knew not, to new gods that came newly up.” (Duet. 32:17)

There was Ashtoreth, also called Astarte, or Ashtoreth, the goddess of the Canaanites.

Baal, the supreme god of the Canaanites.

Chemosh, the subduer, the national god of the Moabites, was also worshiped Ammonites.

Dagon, fish god of the Philistines.

Marduk, god of the Babylonians associated with fertility and vegetation.

Milcom, the national god of the Ammonites, was associated with divination, seeking knowledge of the future through occult means, and child sacrifice.

And the Egyptian gods; Egypt had more than 40 gods, including Re, creator sun god, Isis, goddess of magic, Osiris, lord of the afterlife, Thoth, god of wisdom and the moon, and Horus, god of the sun. (The Ten Plagues of God against Egypt were humiliations of ten specific Egyptian gods.)

Obviously God was not going to be able to lead the Israelites out of Egypt, through the desert, and into Canaan without major resistance.

I also see God accommodating the Israelites dream of becoming free, and possessing their land of milk and honey.

I believe God did this as a physical example of His spiritual plan of redemption, and as a negative lesson about the pain and bloodshed it takes to conquer land and hold it.

In other words, to teach us once and for all, that war doesn’t work.

I believe another reason for the Old Testament violence was to set Satan up for the Incarnation and the Cross.

The theologians were not the only ones expecting Jesus to arrive as a concurring Hero.


June 14, 2017


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Imagine with me that I have been interviewing God, asking Him about Creation, and about how He relates to His Creation; and that these are my notes, from our conversation.
Generally, It is all Him, there is only One Spirit; and we’re like waves that rise up, take different forms, and then fall back into the Ocean.
Think about all of History, as His-Story.
Much like a human author writing a novel, first, with the ending in mind, the author sketches out a story line, then he creates characters, and fills them out in great detail, then he places his characters in different settings, and circumstances, and then the characters seem to take it from there, as if they know what to do. In this sense the characters co-author the story.
God’s Spirit is in all of His creation, so He has shared every breath, every heartbeat, every thought and every feeling with each of His characters, characters He calls His children.
However, His-Story is not just a book, or a movie, or a play; it’s much more real and complex than that; His characters are alive, and have free will.
God knows and loves each child so infinitely well that He could live any one of their lives much better than they can, so knowing what they will say and do is child’s play for Him.
God Loves every one of His children as if they were His only child, and relates to each of them in a unique way, depending on their level of maturity, the time period they live in, and the circumstances of their life.
The Bible says, before building a tower, or waging a war, to, “count the cost,” so I believe He took His own advice, and thought it all through, before saying, “Let there be Light.”
Before this moment it had all been only in God’s mind, much like what we might call a day dream, but now God had pushed the key domino, and everything became very real.
God doesn’t just sit back and watch. He’s infinitely involved in everything that happens in His Universe; and He is able to communicate with His children by His Spirit to our spirit.
However, so far, only a few have learned to still their mind, and listen close enough to hear Him.
Don’t think too much about God knowing what you will do and say, or you may find yourself sitting in a room with a bunch of philosophers and theologians, smoking a pipe, stroking your beard, and scratching your head.
Your life will generally go more smoothly if you place your confidence in Him, and live life like a small child, – – – moment by moment, enjoying the big adventure.
Never forget how real it is, but to understand how God relates to people in the Bible, it helps to think of God as the Author of a book, communicating somehow with his characters, as the story unfolds.
The Author has all Authority, and God assumes full responsibility, no matter how many middlemen may be involved, for each and every thing that happens in His Universe.
He doesn’t blame anyone else for any of it; and to make His point He seems to encourage Bible writers to say God commanded it, God caused it, or God did it.
After all God is ultimately responsible, – – – without creation there would have been no pain and suffering, and also, no characters, and no story.
God knows the future in infinite detail, so He can easily predict the future; however, He seems to always manage to find a way to fulfill prophecy in some mysterious unsuspected way so we don’t ever realize it until after it has happened. This way He can increase our faith without spoiling the suspense.
God seldom speaks as if He knows the future, most of the time He communicates to us as if He’s living with us in the moment. He often uses the word ‘if,’ because that’s the most loving way to speak to a free agents living in time.
Would you worship a God who said, “If you eat of this tree, (AND YOU WILL) you will die!”?
God may sound like He’s pretending not to know the future, but He’s only being polite. To the spiritual child God says, “If you do that your punishment will be.” To the more mature, “If you do this the consequences will be.” Or, “If you would have done that, this would have happened.” He also appears to change His mind, when we change ours.
God tests, teaches, disciplines, and reprimands, – – – most often He speaks to us through our circumstances. His ultimate purpose has always been to love us well, and in the process, make us more Christ like.

I believe this life is only the first chapter of a never ending story; and that our job is to simply play our part, and trust God The Author, for the happy ending.




May 12, 2017


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God is on trial for multiple mass murders, and Genocide.

Prosecution’s First witness; Job.

Job says God killed all of his children, and his livestock.

Defense’s First witness; Satan.

Who killed Job’s children and animals?

Satan says, I did.

Prosecution cross examines:

Why would you do that?

Satan answers, God gave me permission.

Prosecution asks God, is that true?

God says, Yes.

Does Exodus 21:29 say, “if a man’s ox has a habit of getting lose and killing people, and the man fails to keep him in, and it happens again, the ox must be killed and the man stoned?

God says, Yes.

Where did Satan come from?

God says, I created him.

Has Satan killed previously?

God answers, Yes.

And not only did you not restrain Satan, you gave him permission?

God says, Yes.

Prosecution calls King Saul.

Did God’s Prophet Samuel order you to kill the Amalekites; men, women, infants, and animals?

Saul says, Yes, that is correct.

Did you? Yes, all of them, except King Agag, and the best of the animals.

What did Samuel have to say about that?

He said, “Because I didn’t follow God’s commands exactly, God rejected me from being King.’

Prosecution asks God, is all of this true?

God answers, Yes.

Defense calls Peter, one of Jesus’ main disciple’s, as a character witness.

Do you know God?

In a way, I do. I spent three years in ministry with His Son, His name is Jesus, He’s also called The Prince of Peace, the kindest most loving person you could ever meet. Jesus never lied, and He would never harm a fly, and Jesus said, “If you have seen Me you’ve seen My Father.”

So your point is?

Jesus’ Father is a God of Love, He couldn’t possibly be guilty of any of these accusations, because Jesus said He’s the perfect Image of His Father.

Prosecution cross examines Peter; It sounds like you’re inferring that this Man could not be Jesus’ Father?

Peter answers, Yes, there is absolutely no way this could be the True God.

Prosecution calls God back to the witness stand.

And asks God; Peter says, you can’t possibly be Jesus’ real Father, because Jesus’ Father is Good and would never do evil; but you keep admitting to all of the charges. Do you do evil or not?

God says; It is true that Jesus and I are One in spirit, it is also true that it is written; “I form the light, and create darkness; I make peace, and create evil.” In the sense – – –

Never mind, that’s enough, I rest my case.

Defense has no more witnesses.

Jury comes in with the verdict:

The jury says; “Our decision is unanimous; CRUCIFY HIM!”

Defense says; “The Defense calls for a re-trial.”



May 10, 2017


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Most of the Old Testament was one big accommodation. 

How can I say that?

I’ll be 80 this December, so I have ‘retrospectual-vision.’ 

Reminiscing about my life I see God helping me fulfill all of my dreams; – – – they were great, but after each of them were accomplished, they faded away; like sandcastles on the seashore.

Then one bright and sunny day Jesus presented me with a choice.

Door #1. My dreams.

Door #2. HIS DREAMS.

I argued with Him for a quite awhile, “That’s who I am, that is how I live my life!”

Finally I smiled and chose Door #2, that’s when the REAL ADVENTURE began.

I believe God was deeply involved with me and my dreams, first of all because He loves me, but also to get them out of my system.

He was a very accommodating God, for the first fifty years of my life.

                        – – – – – – –

Lucifer said, “I have a better way.” God said, “It won’t work, but go ahead, show me.”

Adam and Eve said, “The serpent told us about a better way, and we want to take it.”  God said, “It leads to a dead end, but go ahead and try it.”

The Israelites dreamed dreams of freedom, and a land of milk and honey.  God said, “Ok let’s do that, and see how you like it.”

They cried out for meat in the wilderness.

They promised to keep the 10 Commandments, God said, “Good luck with that.”

They wanted an earthly King just like everyone else.

– – – – – – –

We wanted Nations, and flags, and cars, and airplanes, and fast food, an instant communication, and free sex, and entertainment, and robots, and space ships – – 


                                                     Adam’s life lessons:

Material things do not satisfy.

Land taken by force must be protected by force.  

War doesn’t work.

Love is the only true power.

You had it all in the garden.

I have never condemned you.

I have always loved you, and I always will.

What you really need is Me.

Follow Me, My way is better.

Ok, First, let’s make a New (Spiritual) Covenant.


“The idea of a kingdom that is not maintained by might is inconceivable to us.” – Oswald Chambers



May 8, 2017


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I had recently received divorce papers from my second wife, and while I was waiting on money from the sale of property in San Diego, I had been sleeping in my van in Monroe Washington.

About eleven p.m. after working out at 24 hour fitness, I walked to my van and climbed in. A few minutes later a middle aged white man wearing a sports jacket got out of his car, and walked towards me holding a map.

He tapped gently on my window, so I rolled it half way down. He said: “Can you give me directions to the Mukilteo Ferry?” I said: “Yea, just continue down this road to the freeway, then turn west,- – – then – – – I couldn’t remember the name of the next street, so I said: “I was just getting ready to drive down that way, you can follow me if you like.”

He hesitated for a moment, and said: “Can’t you just show me on the map?” I said: “O.K.” and rolled the window the rest of the way down, and took his map.

While I was studying the map, he reached under the map and slit my throat!

He jumped back out of sight. I opened the door to see where he went. He was standing there quietly, watching me in the rearview mirror.

I said: “WHAT is the matter with you?” He reached in his coat pocket and pulled out a gun! Before I could get the door closed he was back inside. I jumped backwards, my feet were still on the driver’s seat.

He leaned over the front seat and shot me in the left cheek. I cried out “GOD HELP ME!!!”

 My feet started kicking, I don’t remember telling them to kick, they just started kicking. The gun flew out of his hand and landed outside. I moved back into the driver’s seat, hoping I could beat him to the gun, he had two steps on me, picked it up and came back inside. I climbed back behind the front seats, but now I was completely out of ideas. I couldn’t open the side door from the inside, there was nothing to throw at him, and nowhere to hide.

He leaned over the seat and aimed the gun at the middle of my forehead. I sat there staring at the barrel of the gun.

Time is distorted at a time like this, but I think he aimed for a full second before pulling the trigger. I was doing some quick shorthand prayers, “Please take care of my family, and find a good man for Sherry. – – – I know you could still save me, – – but if not, – – this is probably as good a time as any.”

He was staring into my eyes, I was looking back and forth between his eyes and the barrel of the gun. All I could see in his eyes was a slight question mark, he was probably wondering why I was so calm, I was experiencing great peace. God’s grace was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

Then the a gunshot, and felt the bullet hit the top of my head. I had heard that if you can hear the shot it’s supposed to be a good thing. He started to leave, hesitated, then looked in, pointing the gun at me again.

I didn’t think these thoughts, but these are the words that came out of my mouth; “Don’t hurt me any more- – – – I’m already dead!” Another moment and he turned and walked casually back toward his car.

I know it wasn’t out of sympathy, he was calm cool sober, and soul-less. He wasn’t out of bullets, the gun was a 22-caliber automatic, with five or six shots left in the clip.

I was bleeding profusely from my neck and head, so my best guess is after taking a look at me he believed what I said, and left me for dead.

My mind was still clear and I could still see out of my right eye, so I jumped into the driver’s seat and started the engine. I was only a block and a half from the fire station, so I was going to go for it.

Strangely enough he didn’t even look back, he just got in his car and drove away.

After turning around I saw a cab parked about thirty feet behind me. He was talking on his radio, so he hadn’t heard the shots. I circled around him so my door was by his and said: “Call 911, I’ve been stabbed and shot!”

He called, but was having a long drawn out conversation, so I got out and yelled in his window so the dispatcher could hear me. “I’m bleeding to death here, I need an ambulance RIGHT NOW!”

In about a minute there were three police cars, and then an ambulance. I gave my van keys to the police officer. I could still talk but I felt blood running down on the inside of my throat.

I described my assailant, and his car, and told them which way he went; then I gave them Sherry’s phone number and asked them to call her.

Then the ambulance attendants were inserting an I.V. and cutting my clothes off with a huge pair of scissors. They had called for a helicopter med-evac flight, which should arrive in fifteen minutes.

I wouldn’t be aware of anything else because they were sedating me. I heard the helicopter land, – – then I faded to black.

When I woke up in the hospital they told me the operation had been a success. I was on a respirator, so I had to write notes. I felt pretty good but I thought I had a bullet in my brain.

The doctors kept using the word miracle. They said one bullet had gone into my cheek and out the back of my neck, but missed everything important. One doctor said, “You should have at least lost your hearing!”

The second bullet hit high on my forehead and went under the skin, followed the top of my skull for about four inches and then back out. They thought the knife wound may have damaged my vocal cords, but it had missed both of my juggler veins.

The nurses kept asking me if I wanted pain medication. I said: “No thanks.” I didn’t even have a headache.

I was out of the hospital in three and a half days.


May 4, 2017